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In addition to the systems work, 49 works closely with select foundations to help shape and activate an effective giving and investment plan, supports standout social entrepreneurs, and activates its strong communications and marketing skill set to complement all of its (and its partners) initiatives once they are proven to be impactful.

Planet Heritage Foundation

Manage the grant-making and program related investments portfolio, as well as build the startup social enterprises for Planet Heritage Foundation (PHF) around its key target areas of oceans, climate change, and biodiversity conservation.

Began by helping the foundation define its mission, goals, and ‘collaborative venture philanthropy’ approach, with all initiatives and partnerships stemming from that core value.

Created the PHF website to clearly showcase its mission and work.

Continuously align top-tier partners to the foundation and its projects including like-minded philanthropists, investors, social entrepreneurs, policy experts, engineers, scientists, finance experts, celebrities, etc.

Provide strong, ongoing organizational and programmatic strategy support, partnership-building, and campaign support to all grantees and key partners.


Aligned Intermediary, an investment advisory group created to help institutional investors accelerate investments into climate infrastructure projects and companies.

Oceans 5, a global funders collaborative with the shared goal of improving conservation of the world’s five oceans.

Energy Options Network, an incubator created to expand the portfolio of zero carbon energy technologies to combat climate change.

The TED Mission Blue Voyage to the Galapagos Islands, which brought together over 100 influential scientists, activists, philanthropists, and celebrities seeking smart collaborations and solutions in restoring the health of the oceans. The voyage resulted in tens of millions of new dollars in oceans-related commitments and new high-profile ocean supporters.


Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Work with Edward Norton and The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) on strategic ways to grow capacity for the organization. This has included helping create a 4 year/4 million dollar funders circle, as well as execute an innovative pr/social media campaign yielding $1.25 million in micro-donations.

MWCT has created a pioneering partnership between professional conservationists and young Maasai leaders as a means to sustainably protect the ecosystems and biodiversity of East Africa. They have also been tremendously successful in partnership-building with a diverse group of large organizations, leveraging substantial expertise and networks.

MWCT’s forward thinking approach to sustainable community-based conservation includes lease payments for conservancy zones, carbon credits, payments for watershed protection, sustainable ecotourism, wildlife monitoring and security, conservation and tourism employment.

Sit on the board of directors of the Maasai Widlerness Conservation Fund, the affiliate US arm of MWCT.

Freedom Writers

49 prince street founder Tracey Durning produced the ABC News Primetime Live documentary short about teacher-changemaker Erin Gruwell and her group of racially-diverse high school students, which Durning then went on to Executive Produce the feature film for, Freedom Writers, starring Hilary Swank.

Gruwell and her students used the Primetime Live piece as a powerful messaging and outreach tool online and in speaking engagements across the country for diverse audiences including educators, administrators, teenagers, politicians, journalists and philanthropists.

For the feature film, Durning also helped drive the PR/marketing campaign which included producing and directing a new documentary short for all media and targeted organizational outreach, directed the MTV promos, and directed a 20-webisode viral campaign called Be Heard which attracted up to 10 million young online users who actively dialogued around the film’s themes of racial tolerance and education (webisode samples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

The campaign was a natural extension to a lot of the work Durning had been doing prior around complex teen issues, including the documentary films 13 and 16.

The news doc, film and media/marketing push greatly enhanced the fundraising efforts of The Freedom Writers Foundation to promote and carry out its mission, as well as helped Gruwell launch her next national program that teaches educators her unique style of education.

Hope is a Game Changer

Designed, implemented and branded the nonprofit initiative HOPE IS A GAME-CHANGER PROJECT for founder-philanthropists Sting and Bobby Sager as a means to deliver the first-ever indestructible soccer balls to kids in war-torn areas around the world.

Created a sustainable funding model through the sale of Sager’s book The Power of the Invisible Sun.

Throughout Africa and other parts of the world, fully deflated balls and garbage tied together with string can be seen being kicked around by kids at play. The Hope Project’s goal is to deliver indestructible soccer balls through powerful programs that use soccer as a means to teach kids about HIV prevention and a variety of life skills, including effective teamwork-building.

Built partnerships with international sports and education NGOs to maximize impact and minimize duplication of efforts.

Worked with Polaroid to launch a long-term philanthropic partnership.

Promoted the project to direct target demos through print, new media, and television including ABC World News Person of the Week, The Today Show, Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, Vanity Fair and Huffington Post.

Project has resulted in the delivery of tens of thousand of indestructible soccer balls throughout Africa, Haiti and the Middle East to date.