Marine Conservation

When entering the marine conservation space in 2010, a handful of gaps were identified as creating barriers to more effective impact: 1) smaller foundations often have inadequate internal deep domain expertise, leading to subpar investments, 2) those same foundations are hungry to fund bigger projects than they can do on their own, 3) larger foundations can’t always be as ‘opportunistic’ as they’d like to be internally,  and 4) there was an overall lack of collaboration amongst marine conservation groups. Oceans 5, launched on the Mission Blue Voyage with the Oak Foundation and Planet Heritage Foundation, was created to help address these issues.

Oceans 5

Oceans 5 is a global funder's collaborative with the shared goal of improving conservation of the world's five oceans. The platform allows new and experienced funders to collectively target their assets for more impact and scale.

The Mission Blue Voyage

The Mission Blue Voyage

The Mission Blue Voyage to the Galapagos Islands provided the perfect platform to launch Oceans 5, as well as mobilize critical partnerships in marine conservation.