Climate Change

To avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change, 174 nations have formally endorsed a goal of limiting the future increase in global average temperature above pre-industrial levels to 2 degrees Celsius (2°C). The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that achieving this 2°C target will require an additional USD 40 trillion of investment over the next 35 years – beyond what is projected to occur in a business-as-usual scenario – as well as moving a spectrum of zero carbon technologies (i.e. renewables, energy efficiency, nuclear, advanced nuclear, carbon capture and sequestration, etc) at mass scale. 49 prince street works alongside a consortium of global actors – institutional investors, developers, engineers, energy companies, and policy experts – focusing on critical areas to advance the climate agenda that others generally aren’t.

Aligned Intermediary

An investment advisory group created to help institutional investors accelerate and increase private, for-profit capital into climate infrastructure projects and companies. To date, a handful of LTIs have committed to deploy $1.45 billion into transactions identified by AI.

Energy Options Network

An incubator created to help increase the expansion of zero carbon energy options available to accelerate large-scale energy system decarbonization.

Electrification Coalition

An alliance of bipartisan industry leaders collectively committed to the deployment of electric and autonomous vehicles on a mass scale.