“If you’re the most intelligent person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”
                                                                                                                      James D Watson

I started 49 prince street because I’m interested in building systems that effectively catalyze significant social impact. By systems, I mean philanthropic and industrial platforms that collectively mobilize assets — knowledge, networks, influence, and capital — towards big ticket solutions.

First, fully understanding what those big ticket solutions are within an issue area is key. That involves a deep-dive learning journey starting from a clean slate, plunging rigorously into a process of first getting to pragmatic truths.

From there, I work with select partners, per project, to forge strategic pathways that will ultimately move into the ‘doing’ phase. Smart collaboration, in my mind, is the most critical ingredient to getting real stuff done at scale.

49’s work and portfolio spans climate change, marine conservation, and animal welfare, and we’re currently looking to move into the internet addiction and propaganda space.


Tracey Durning
Founder and CEO